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Smart contracts, DeFi, and digital assets have been all the rage for the past year, but only one of them has made positive waves from a regulatory perspective: Stacks (STX). 

Available for roundup exclusively on Okcoin and their Earn product offering ~10% APY paid out in BTC, STX is the first cryptocurrency to be approved for an ICO in the US by the SEC in 2019, raising $23 million which was committed to the Stacks Foundation.

“Stacking” on the Stacks blockchain network is similar to the process of staking on proof-of-stake blockchains. By temporarily locking STX on the Stacks protocol, participants secure and maintain network consensus via the protocol’s proof-of-transfer mechanism. As a reward for doing so, they earn BTC. You can read more about it at Okcoin here.

Before Stacks, the only two options for profiting off Bitcoin were holding or mining. Now, however, you need no expensive equipment or hardware to earn Bitcoin rewards!

Setting your STX dollar-cost averaging strategy with RoundlyX means there’s no need to time the market, and there’s no need to choose between Bitcoin and Ethereum for earning interest. With the power of dollar-cost averaging (DCA), you can capitalize on holding Bitcoin and earning interest in Bitcoin with RoundlyX and Okcoin!

So how would your STX have performed if you had been using RoundlyX to roundup the spare change from your everyday purchases into STX? We’re glad you asked!

If you rounded up into just $25 of STX biweekly with RoundlyX and Okcoin, you would have turned $675 into $2,134! That’s a return of 216%, and doesn’t account for any interest you would have earned on Okcoin.

The best time to begin your STX dollar-cost averaging strategy is when the crypto markets are down or sideways.

When the market dips, your average price of entry is lowered and the gains are even greater on the way back up. You get your Stacks at a discount and it grows in value faster! Are you ready to start rounding up into STX? It’s easy.

How to Round Up into STX Using RoundlyX

If you haven’t set up an account with RoundlyX yet, head on over to our walkthrough post here. Once your account is set up, make sure you’ve connected your Okcoin account. Use the links provided when you sign up to get a crypto bonus!

Back on your RoundlyX Dashboard, scroll down until you see the “exchanges” section. Find the one labeled “Okcoin” where you’ll see two boxes: Selected Asset and Roundup Source. Click “Selected Asset” and choose “STX.” It should look like this:

When you’ve accumulated spare change to a certain threshold, an STX purchase is made and held safely inside your Okcoin account/wallet!

You’re now dollar-cost averaging into STX using RoundlyX and Okcoin! You can keep track of your roundup progress on your RoundlyX Dashboard, and you can view your interest stats in your Okcoin account.

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