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dogecoin roundups

DOGE coin, the internet meme-token popularized by Elon Musk, has been the go-to cryptocurrency for younger investors for most of 2021. The adorable Shiba Inu coin hit retail markets with a Robinhood listing, and exploded onto the Reddit scene, climbing from $0.02 early in the year to nearly $0.70 by the beginning of May.

While DOGE hovers around $0.30 at the time of writing, many buyers are wondering if they completely missed the ship.

Is now a good time to buy? How much should one buy? Perhaps there is another dip coming? Maybe it will never moon again! But then again…

These concerns plague all investors on one level or another, but there is an easier way: regular, automated dollar-cost averaging. Enter RoundlyX!

RoundlyX connects with your bank account to round up your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar and then invests that spare change into the cryptocurrency of your choice. This means you can purchase DOGE regularly, without worrying about price, entry timing, or position size. Just connect your accounts, choose DOGE as your roundup asset of choice, and let RoundlyX do the rest!

This sounds easy enough, but let’s run some numbers in case you aren’t convinced yet.

If you started using RoundlyX to round up into DOGE on January 1, 2021, and invested just $11 biweekly until today, you would have turned $132 total savings into $1,555 – that’s a +1,078% return!

Returns on DOGE roundup
Dollar-cost averaging into DOGE since January 1, 2021

After looking at the data, dollar-cost averaging into DOGE makes a lot more sense than trying to time the market. Getting set up with RoundlyX is a no-brainer too!

If you haven’t set up an account with RoundlyX yet, head on over to our walkthrough post here. Once your account is set up, starting a dogecoin roundup is easy.

Pull up your RoundlyX Dashboard, and scroll down to the “exchanges” section. You’ll see two boxes: Current Investment Asset and Roundup Source. Click “Current Investment Asset,” and select “DOGE.”

And now you’re finished! You can keep track of your roundup progress on your RoundlyX Dashboard, and you can connect up to three digital asset exchanges (currently Uphold, Coinbase, and OKCoin…with more to come!) to round up into three different digital assets at once!

RoundlyX is made to “set it and forget it”. Purchasing digital currency doesn’t have to be complicated.

When you log into your RoundlyX account and view your Dashboard, you’ll be thinking: 

“Much roundups! Such gainz! Wow DOGE!”

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