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We are officially relaunching and want to celebrate! Enter to win $1,000 of Bitcoin through the button below, and then read up on all the exciting changes and upgrades that come with RoundlyX 2.0!

It’s been a BIG year for Bitcoin, crypto, and for Team RoundlyX. RoundlyX allows users to roundup into; cryptocurrency, digital gift cards, NFTs (coming soon), and more…and we’re JUST getting started!

What is RoundlyX?

If you’re new to RoundlyX, we allow users to round up their spare change from everyday purchases into their favorite digital assets at their favorite exchanges including; Uphold, Coinbase, Okcoin, and others!

Dollar-cost averaging has never been as easy as it is with RoundlyX- and people are starting to notice! Roundups add up a lot faster than you might think, especially when you’re accumulating sound assets like Bitcoin. Check it out:

This chart illustrates your returns had you started buying $11 worth of Bitcoin every two weeks for four years, starting on December 1, 2017 (the previous market top). You would have turned $1,122.00 cash savings into $7,259.13 – a gain of +546.98%! By comparison, the same strategy with Gold would have only returned +20%.

This year we’ve been doing much more than just allowing our users to stack the soundest of money every day! 2021 is slated to be a jam-packed race to the finish for RoundlyX, and we want YOU along for the ride!

After our grand relaunch, you can expect the following MASSIVE updates from us:

  • Further Exchange Integration  for roundups, portfolio viewing, and roundups into over 300 charities
  • A brand-new referral system with tracking, better rewards, and loyalty tiers
  • Upgraded portfolio tracking to include stocks, savings, NFTs, and manual position adding

We get asked ALL the time “wen mobile app” and now we can tell you – the end of November! 

What We’ve Done in 2021

Our team got to spend time together this year at the Bitcoin 2021 Conference! It was the first time our whole team was able to be in person, and we had the chance to meet up with new and old friends alike.

Just a few months following the Bitcoin 2021 Conference, Team RoundlyX rolled out the first of our large 2021 updates – integration with Prizeout!

Prizeout allows our users to optimize their savings and spending at their favorite brands, by rounding up purchases to the nearest dollar into discounted brand credit! For instance, you could round up $25 into Fanatics spending credit, but receive $35 worth of spending power applied to your account!. Prizeout lets you round up into large brands such as Amazon, Airbnb, Gamestop, Home Depot, DoorDash, and more!

Finally, Team RoundlyX partnered with the stellar cellphone security company Efani, who helps secure your phone and thereby your digital assets against SIM swapping and more in a way no mainstream carrier can. Check out the blog post linked above to learn more!

So What’s Next?


October is the month Team RoundlyX has been laser-focused upon because we’ve relaunched our website! After all our great upgrades, you’ll now find a sleek new user interface that’s been reimagined for the next leg of the crypto bull market. We’re also refreshing every bit of code, meaning stronger APIs, fewer bugs, and an easier-to-use RoundlyX.

To celebrate our grand relaunch, RoundlyX will be hosting MASSIVE giveaways that you won’t want to miss. ENTER OUR FIRST GIVEAWAY, and get ready for lots more opportunities to win – culminating in one lucky person winning $10,000 of Bitcoin!

We will be announcing all new updates here on our blog and on our Twitter profile. Keep your eyes peeled – we’re excited to round out the year with you all!

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