Gamestop: the source of endless hours of entertainment for young millennials in childhood, the source of angst and woe in adolescence, and now that we’ve reached adulthood, the source of unimaginable stock-market wealth…for some.

In January of 2021, Gamestop made headlines due to a massive “short squeeze” by the now infamous Wall Street Bets subreddit, which sent the company’s stock skyrocketing upwards of 1,500% in only two weeks’ time.

While the stock buyers’ euphoria has since moved on to the likes of AMC and Dogecoin, the “Gamestonk” debacle brought the former retail giant unexpected publicity and further fame. If you have been a part of the movement, RoundlyX’s new update will help you drive Gamestop’s actual business – not just the stock price!

An unintended consequence of Gamestop’s newfound stardom was a renewed interest in the company in the media and among its customers. Now, drawn by the nostalgia of their youth, and by the promise of being out of the house after COVID19, millennials are again turning their attention, and money, towards Gamestop.

While the warm and fuzzy nostalgic feelings of the 90s linger in the brick and mortar walls of Gamestop, dealing with purchases, trade-ins, and returns can still be a pain. That’s why RoundlyX has partnered with Prizeout to make your Gamestop experience as wonderful as it was when your Mom was buying.

Now, using RoundlyX and Prizeout, you can round up the spare change from your everyday purchases into discounted GME Spending Credits! Partnering with Prizeout allows RoundlyX to offer roundups at a premium allowing you to earn more for your roundups.

You might roundup $15 worth of spare change but get more than $15 worth of spending credits at your selected brand (i.e. Gamestop). Getting started is extremely easy!

First, log in to your RoundlyX Dashboard (if you don’t have a RoundlyX account yet, check out our “Getting Started” walkthrough here). Scroll down until you see the “Earn More” section. Prizeout will be in the dropdown box just below.

When you click on “Change Brand” you will be redirected to RoundlyX’s unique Prizeout landing page. There is a brief tutorial on the right-hand side of your screen that will explain how everything works.

When you see a blue Prizeout tag on a gift card, it means that you’re getting a discount. Sweet! To choose the Gamestop gift card, you’ll need to quickly create an account with Prizeout. Sign up with your preferred email address, and then use Plaid to connect the bank account or card with which you’d like to round up.

Once you’ve done that, click on the “Select Gift Card” button, and choose Gamestop. Once selected, you’ll be prompted to click the blue “Return to RoundlyX” button to return to your Dashboard.

Congrats! You’re now rounding up into discounted GME Spending Credits. You can keep track of your roundup progress by using the visualizer bar just below where you selected your brand. The roundup threshold for Prizeout gift cards is just $15, and you can schedule recurring buys for your favorite gift card too, right on your RoundlyX Dashboard.

RoundlyX makes your trip to Gamestop more convenient, and rounding up with a boost makes the trip more affordable too! What brand will you round up into next?

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