IdeaBumps by RoundlyX is the crystal ball you’ve always wished for.

We all wish someone would have told us to buy a little Bitcoin in 2011. Or a little Ethereum in 2014. Or a little Dogecoin in 2017. The money we all left on the table by NOT buying just $100 of each of these assets is absolutely staggering.

In fact, if you had known to put just $100 into each of those assets at the times mentioned above, you would have turned a $300 investment into $8,230,000!

Unfortunately, hindsight truly is 20/20 and most of us don’t carry around a genius genie in our pocket – unless you’re using IdeaBumps by RoundlyX!

RoundlyX has always made it easy to build wealth by setting-it-and-forgetting-it, but for those of us who want to kick their portfolio’s growth into overdrive, there are IdeaBumps. Get a custom notification straight to your phone for:

  • Changes to trending roundups on the RoundlyX App
  • New coin listings
  • The most popular recurring buys
  • Increases or decreases in roundup frequency and type

This Premium RoundlyX feature allows you to stay ahead of the curve by knowing which assets are trending based on real community data. Follow the money! Using IdeaBumps to adjust your purchase assets gets you and keeps you in profit faster than your standard subscription counterparts.

Give IdeaBumps a try today!

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