Cybersecurity, Decentralization, and Freedom: My Digibyte Journey

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Digibyte (DGB): when it comes to altcoins in the industry, you could call it a cryptocurrency classic because it’s built to last and was created all the way back in 2013!

DigiByte’s mission statement was imprinted in its Genesis Block in January 2014, and it highlights the need for cybersecurity. Jared Tate, Digibyte’s founder and creator, believes that blockchain technology and its decentralized nature can fix up to 95% of cybersecurity vulnerabilities today. This has been Digibyte’s core focus ever since day one!

DGB Genesis Block: “USA Today: 10/Jan/2014, Target: Data stolen from up to 110M customers” 

Tate has pointed out on numerous occasions that blockchain is the result of almost 60 years of development in cryptography, hence the name: crypto-currencies. This is why Digibyte set itself to leverage cryptography to the hilt. Not only does it secure the DGB token as a currency, but it also secures anything and everything: from simple documents and identity solutions such as DigiID, to digital assets (DigiAssets)!

DigiByte accomplishes all this through a three-tier architecture, with the top tier being for smart contracts, decentralized applications, and customizable tokens. I recently did two interviews on Digibyte, one with Josiah Spackman, and another one with DGBSoCal and ScryptSkynet, both of which I highly recommend if you’re interested in a deep-dive into DigiByte’s recent upgrades and developments, like NFTs!

Personally, I really love DigiByte’s ethos of security and its broader push for complete decentralization. For me, decentralization is the true measure of freedom in a given system – so the more decentralization the better! This mission, which DigiByte shares with Bitcoin and other great projects out there, is even more important today with the rise of CBDC’s than when Digibyte was first created.

DigiByte has set industry standards everywhere you look: from its open-source and permissionless nature to the thousands of people worldwide who are able to run low-level nodes on their server, computer, tablet, or mobile phone. One simply has to connect to the Digibyte network!

DGB also boasts an enthusiastic and energetic group of volunteers, they never held an ICO, and no company or centralized organization supports them. These rare features of a cryptocurrency are undoubtedly commendable. Digibyte is almost entirely community-driven: by the people, for the people!

From a tokenomics perspective, DigiByte is also competitive. A new DGB block is mined every 15 seconds, and the DigiByte network processes 560 transactions per second, making it over 40 times faster than Bitcoin. The last of the 21 billion DGB will be minted in the year 2035. 

However, the most innovative thing about Digibyte must be its DigiShield, which is a force of decentralization like no other! Basically, it’s a real-time difficulty adjustment (a big improvement on Bitcoin’s 2 week difficult adjustment period), setting yet another industry standard. DigiShield’s five different mining algorithms working in tandem make it incredibly powerful, which makes the DigiByte blockchain extremely secure and highly decentralized.

Like Jared Tate emphasized, blockchain technology represents a paradigm shift in how we handle data. Data should be in harmony with nature – something that resembles the building blocks of DNA when it comes to storing important data – ceaselessly decentralized.

To conclude with a final “Tatism,” it’s much better to underpromise and overdeliver. And so far, Digibyte has flown under the radar unnoticed and misunderstood by many. But, I’ve no doubt people will eventually recognize this little altcoin gem for what it really is, and wish they had scooped it up a little sooner.

How to Round Up into DGB Using RoundlyX

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Back on your RoundlyX Dashboard, scroll down until you see the “exchanges” section. Find the one labeled “Uphold” where you’ll see two boxes: Selected Asset and Roundup Source. Click “Selected Asset” and choose “DGB.”

When you’ve accumulated spare change to a certain threshold, a DGB purchase is made and held safely inside your Uphold account/wallet!

You’re now dollar-cost averaging into DGB using RoundlyX and Uphold! You can keep track of your roundup progress on your RoundlyX Dashboard.

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