RoundlyX 101: Connecting Okcoin to RoundlyX

Connecting your RoundlyX account to your Okcoin account is a straightforward process. First, we will outline how to create a new Okcoin account, and then we will outline how to connect your new account, or an existing account, to RoundlyX.

Creating a New OKCoin Account

Click this link or the “create account” button under the “Connections” link on your RoundlyX Dashboard to get started with your new Okcoin account. You’ll first be prompted to enter an email address and a password. Okcoin will send an activation code to your email. Input the code, and you’ll be taken to the next screen.

Click “Verify as an Individual Account” to proceed. Fill out Okcoin’s Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements on this screen. Once you’re finished, you’ll be allowed to trade on Okcoin. You can submit your government ID to raise your trading limits at any time.

Click “Buy crypto” or “Deposit funds to start trading” to continue.

Next, click on “Bank Management” on your Okcoin account. Connect the fiat bank account that you’ll be using for your RoundlyX roundups. Next, we’ll need to connect the Okcoin API.

Connect your Okcoin Account to RoundlyX

  • Log into Okcoin and navigate to Account / API.
  • Click + Create API Key.
  • Choose a name for your API key like RoundlyX.
  • Choose a Passphrase and remember it!
  • Set Permissions to Read, Withdraw, & Trade.

Once the API Key is created click View to access the necessary API key information. Copy and paste the API Key, Secret Key, and Passphrase from API List to your RoundlyX Accounts page.

Please Contact Support at hello[at]roundlyx[dot]com if there are any issues with connecting your API Keys!

To successfully roundup confirm you have a linked fiat account, check inside your Okcoin account under: Assets / My Assets Overview / Bank Management.

You’re all done! Okcoin round-up thresholds are $25 to minimize fees when you purchase. Once you have accumulated $25 worth of round-ups, your first purchase will be made!

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