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Welcome to the inaugural RoundlyX blog post. We’re excited to get you all up to speed on what’s been going on at HQ over the past year, and what is in the works for the near future.

So who is RoundlyX?

RoundlyX allows users to round up their spare change from everyday purchases into their favorite digital assets at their favorite exchanges. We are a non-custodial platform (meaning we do not touch or store your assets) that allows users to manage and view holdings at multiple exchanges without additional security risks.

We have integrated with top exchanges, gained traction with trusted influencers, and raised funding to expand internationally. We support top exchanges, like Uphold, Coinbase and OKCoin, and over 50 digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and many more.

So what does RoundlyX do?

RoundlyX gets its namesake from the fact that you can round up the spare change from your everyday purchases into different assets on different exchanges, all at the same time! It’s super simple:

“Dollar-cost averaging” into digital assets this way is one of the most convenient and effective ways to purchase cryptocurrency. Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) into crypto is more effective, even, than investing in gold:

Buying $11 of Bitcoin every two weeks for four years, starting on December 1, 2017 (the previous market top), would have turned $990 into $7,107, or a gain of +617%! By comparison, the same strategy with Gold would have only returned +20%.

Further, RoundlyX aggregates the data from all your exchanges into one Dashboard so you have a single, comfortable view of all your digital assets under one roof. And if rounding up spare change isn’t fast enough for your tastes, our Multiplier feature lets you increase your round-ups by 2x, 3x, and 10x!

So what is RoundlyX currently building?

RoundlyX is extremely excited to announce that we are integrating with Prizeout to allow all our users to round up and optimize spending with their favorite brands!

Moving money from online gains to real-world purchasing power can be difficult. That’s why RoundlyX is making it extremely easy for our users to optimize spending at brands they love using spare change roundups as a budgeting tool.

Tired of constantly adding funds to your Starbucks or UberEats credit? No longer! Let RoundlyX and Prizeout do all the work for you, and optimize that spending power with regular discounts!

You’ll now be able to see all the available brand options on your Dashboard. Do you have a favorite brand you’d like to round up into? Let us know!

You can use this walkthrough to get your Prizeout account fully set up.

So what’s next for RoundlyX?

There are several HUGE updates in the works for RoundlyX, and we want you to get hype!

First off – a MOBILE APP

Lots of our loyal fans have been asking “wen” and we’re excited to announce the RoundlyX App will be our next major rollout. Keep a close eye on our Twitter account and here on the blog for details.

We’re also hard at work finalizing partnerships to roll out RoundlyX internationally. Thank you all for your patience while we deal with all the red tape required to round up worldwide! We will need beta testers in your area when we roll out, so keep tabs on our Twitter and be ready to round up when the time comes.

So what will RoundlyX round up into next?

Looking ahead, we’re planning to roll out sports betting and fan token round-ups. Is there a UFC fighter you’d love to support? Or perhaps a EUFA or MLS soccer team is more your style? RoundlyX will allow you to round up into their token.

Do you want to stack up a betting position for the Kentucky Derby? RoundlyX will round up your spare change for you. And you’ll be able to view all these diverse assets in one place: your RoundlyX Dashboard!

RoundlyX will be the premier place to round up into nearly any asset you can imagine: from NFTs to gift cards, from Bitcoin to fan tokens, RoundlyX will have a round-up for everyone. All of this and more coming within the next 14 months!

So how can I get involved with RoundlyX?

Fantastic question! RoundlyX is just getting started. We’re growing slowly but surely, and we’d love to have you a part of our crew. Start off by giving us a follow on Twitter, and sharing this article. Let’s get the word out about all the great new things coming to RoundlyX!

If you have a RoundlyX account, be sure to share your referral link with your friends! You’ll both earn a bit of Bitcoin on us as a thank you.

Our team here at HQ is small, so we’re always looking for new partnerships. Do you know of a company that would make a great RoundlyX round-up integration? Introduce us! Do you love making walk-through videos or writing explainer articles? Hit us up!

Our goal is to serve and communicate regularly with our excellent community. You’ve been with us this far, and we are extremely grateful.

And finally, sign up for RoundlyX! There are all kinds of digital assets available now and in the pipeline. We want everyone to be able to easily invest and grow their wealth the RoundlyX way.

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