What’s New at RoundlyX


  • App live on Android and iOS
  • Integration with Uphold
  • Feed feature
  • RoundlyX International
  • IdeaBumps

Greetings from your friends at RoundlyX! It’s been a minute since we’ve updated our blog, but we’re not silent from a lack of updates – far from it!

Bear markets are for BUIDLING. The RoundlyX team is no stranger to market downturns. In fact, we completed our first raise during the last crypto winter, we just completed our second raise at the start of THIS downturn, and we’re still here, stronger than ever.

Let’s dive into all the new things RoundlyX has rolled out over the past several months!

Bane - I was born in the bear market

Mobile App

RoundlyX is now live on both Android and iOS app stores! Now you can carry the power of dollar-cost averaging in your pocket, with all the convenience of your favorite finance apps.

Click the links above if you haven’t downloaded the app already, and head to the referral section to share with your friends!

Your unique referral link will earn you and your friend $4 in BTC after their first successful roundup. If you tweet your referral link out and tag @RoundlyX, we’d be happy to RT you. We love those referral tweets!

Uphold Integration

RoundlyX is always looking for new exchange integrations, and we’re extremely pleased to announce we’ve added roundups in partnership with Uphold!

There are lots of brand-new roundup options available through our Uphold integration, including assets like XRP, Gitcoin, CAKE, and more. We expect these options to grow to include BTC0, the carbon neutral version of Bitcoin, as well as roundups into precious metals! Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our Twitter account.

If you don’t have an Uphold account yet, signup here to get some free Bitcoin on us. If you DO have an Uphold account, simply connect it to your RoundlyX Dashboard, select your purchase asset, and set your roundup source to expand your dollar-cost averaging plan!

Feed Feature

Staying on top of the news can be a hassle these days, and keeping up with all the apps required to stay knowledgeable takes time and memory space.

That’s why RoundlyX has added a custom Feed feature to our web version that will soon be live in the app as well!

To set up your Feed, log into your RoundlyX profile on your Mac or PC and click the “Feed” link in the toolbar on the left. From there, you can click “preferences” in the upper right corner to select which publications you’d like to display.

RoundlyX International

One of our most asked questions is “wen international?!” We’re excited to announce that we’ve officially launched RoundlyX International!

Taking a page from the Blockfolio history book, RoundlyX International has all of our tracking and portfolio features, and will soon include IdeaBumps too (more on that later). Think of the RoundlyX App as your go-to net worth calculator.

You can track everything from your cryptocurrency, to NFTs, to traditional investment accounts – real estate and metals, down even to your vehicles. And you can display all that value in your nation’s native fiat currency!

If you’re outside of the US, the RoundlyX App can easily become your default net-worth tracker, housing all your financial info in one easy-to-access app. While YOU build and track your wealth, WE are working hard behind the scenes to bring roundups to your country.

Red tape won’t stop RoundlyX from making your financial life much easier!


We saved the best for last! Coming soon to your favorite roundups app: IdeaBumps!

Have you ever wondered what everyone else is rounding up into?

How many other people are using the 3x multiplier vs the 10x multiplier?

What assets or brand credits should you switch to during a market downturn?

Which exchange should you use to roundup into one unique asset vs another?

IdeaBumps are your answer! This premium RoundlyX feature will help you take your dollar-cost averaging strategy to the next level and keep you ahead of the crowd. We will drop more info about IdeaBumps on our blog and our Twitter in the coming days, so don’t miss it!

What’s Next?

While we work on international roundups and IdeaBumps, there are still more incredible functions coming to the RoundlyX App.

We plan to roll out more exchange integrations (Gemini roundups incoming!), crypto charity roundups in partnership with The Giving Block, as well as groundbreaking initiatives like fractionalized NFT roundups and a RoundlyX NFT series!

As usual if you’d like to keep up with what’s upcoming for RoundlyX, you can catch us on the following social media platforms:


We look forward to rounding up the world with you!

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  1. Richard Thatcher

    This is great idea that The Wolf Den reminded me of today in its newsletter. I will sign up soon. I have a suggestion for future posts: hit the spell check button before publishing. BUIDLING confidence is easy.

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